Barbados Luxury Homes Are an Authentic Part of Barbados Development

High-end homes are an authentic part of Barbados historical development many of them spanning more than 300 years.

So, whilst a lot has been said about the proliferation of luxury villas on the Barbados property market it really isn’t a new development.

Although in the early days they may not have been referred to as villas they were just that the villas of the wealthy plantation owners.

It must be said therefore that whether they were called Great Houses in that by gone era or villas to the present-day generation luxury homes have always been a part of the Barbados property landscape.

Here are the top five historic luxury homes in Barbados…

(1) St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the gems that really stand out as one of Barbados historic Great Houses. The Abbey as it is commonly referred to is stunning seventeenth century plantation house nestle away among over 400 acres of sugar cane fields, tropical gullies, mahogany forest and beautiful gardens. It is one of the three remaining Jacobean homes remaining in the western hemisphere. It features elegant curvilinear gables, cornerstone chimneys and fireplaces.

(2) Drax Hall House is the second and oldest Jacobean plantation Great House in Barbados built in 1650 this mansion features steep gable roofs, casement gable windows, corner finials and a Jacobean staircase is the second of three remaining Jacobean mansions in the western hemisphere. However, unlike St. Nicholas Abbey this historic mansion is not open to public viewing.

(3) Sunbury House like St Nicholas and Drax Hall dates back more than 300 years and like these two it is the product of the wealth generated island’s sugar industry. Built around 1660 Sunbury remains a significant part of Barbados historic luxury properties.

(4) Fisher pond Plantation House is another beautiful historic property built in Barbados more than 300 years ago. This rubble stone architectural gem with two feet thick walls was built in the Caribbean Georgian style. This property really captures the magnificence of a by-gone era when sugar was king.

(5) Porters Great House also fits the description of being a historic masterpiece although it was constructed after the others listed here. This coral stone mansion was built in the 1735 and today it still stands out on the luxury villa rental market.

Each one of these historic homes’ dates back as much as 300 years and today they still stands out as luxurious dwellings for the very wealthy. These homes reinforce the point that Barbados has always been a vibrant property market even before the advent of recreational travel.