Orlando is the family vacation capital of the world with 50 million visitors every year. And it’s easy to see why. There are so many reasons to choose Orlando for your next vacation – theme parks, golf, shopping and of course the glorious sunshine. If you choose Orlando for your next vacation, there’s just one problem… finding enough time to fit everything in! That’s why planning your Orlando vacation is so important.

Top 5 things to do in Orlando

1. Walt Disney World Resort – This world famous resort combines has four amazing theme parks, including the simply magical Magic Kingdom. There are also two water parks, fabulous restaurants and bars and golf courses.

2. Universal Orlando Resort – Smaller than Disney, Universal offers it’s many visitors theme parks – including the new Harry Potter theme area, shopping, nightlife and the Wet ‘n Wild water park.

3. SeaWorld – Visit the famous marine life park for dolphin and whale shows, aquariums, rides and live entertainment. Also visit SeaWorld for it’s water park, Aquatica.

4. Kennedy Space Center – The home of NASA. Experience all the sights and sounds of a space launch. Plus take part in one of the regular bus tours at the space centre, hands on exhibits, and space film shows.

5. Sports and activities – Orlando is perfect for sport lovers, and especially golfers. There are some excellent course and the year round sunshine means you’re likely to get around the course without getting wet. Tennis and fishing are also popular pastimes in Orlando.

Luxury Villas

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a group holiday with friends, a luxury Orlando villa will transform your vacation.

Why are luxury villa vacations so popular?

Private pool

Space to unwind

Better value than hotels

Escape the theme park crowds

Follow your own schedule, or don’t have a schedule at all!

More and more visitors to Orlando are choosing the freedom of a luxury villa rental for their stay. After a busy day of theme parks, what could be better than leaving the crowds behind and returning home to the peace and relaxation your own luxury private villa?

Luxury villas have all the facilities you would expect – spacious family kitchens, BBQ areas, hot tubs and private swimming pools. Some luxury villas also offer theatre rooms, gymnasiums, games rooms, lifts, boat docks and private golf courses.

To make your Orlando vacation even easier, some luxury villa companies can also take care of flights, car hire, transfers and excursions.

If your dream vacation is a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, in the comfort of your own private home, then you should consider a luxury Orlando villa.

So you are considering a vacation on the wonderful paradise island of Bali which has more than one-thousand temples, that’s why it’s called the ‘Island of the Gods’. Great. Bali is a joy to behold, but there are some pitfalls for travellers relating to what sort of accommodation they choose.

If you are like 70% of the tourists who go to Bali, your next thought will likely be ‘which hotel should I stay at’. You have made your first mistake, which could make your holiday more expensive than it should be.

Yes, Bali has hundreds, if not thousands, of hotels, so many, in fact, that the Indonesian Government is attempting to implement a ban on any more hotel developments. The problem is, there are now so many hotels, mostly around the capital Denpasar, that the industry is suffering – too many rooms even though Bali’s visitor numbers continue to grow each year. If the number of southern Bali hotels continues to grow at its current rate, it will inevitably put many players out of business.

Denpasar and southern Bali to a lesser extent, now has so many hotels, too often they are jammed ‘shoulder to shoulder’ against each other, mostly in the busy, loud and traffic clogged central city areas. Denpasar has become so crowded that when it once took 30 minutes to get from Ngurah Rai airport to a city hotel, it can now take up to 2 hours. The Bali government has built new expressways which will hopefully ease this congestion.

There is an alternative form of accommodation available in Bali, which is routinely taken up by about 16.5% of visitors. This alternative is the luxury Bali villa and there are an estimated 10,000 of them scattered across this beautiful island. Luxury villa accommodation in Bali is not the first thought of travellers, perhaps because the hoteliers are so good at marketing and spending big dollars on promoting their businesses.

You may be thinking that the nightly rental rate for a luxury villa in Bali is beyond your vacation budget, but you may be wrong because you probably don’t have all the facts. The open secret is that, if you make a group booking to stay in a private Bali villa, with its wonderful privacy, peace and space, you could likely save hundreds of dollars you would otherwise spend on the hotel holiday model.

You see, the key to saving your hard-earned holiday dollars is to make a group booking at a deluxe Bali villa. This is the open secret of Bali villas. Most of these impressive houses, which are generally built by private owners, can sleep up to eight people or more. This means you can share the cost of the nightly rental charge amongst your group.

Let’s look at an example. A private Bali villa, that I know quite well, located on the absolute beachfront, about 8 kilometres east of Singaraja, on the north coast, currently charges US$340.00 per night. Wow, I can hear you saying, that’s expensive. But, if you pulled together a group of friends or family to share the cost, each person would only be paying US$42.50 per head, per night, certainly a budget rate in anyone’s language.

And remember, what you pay for a hotel room is just that, one hotel room, unless you splash out and rent a suite, but that’s a very expensive alternative. However they dress it up, hotels usually base their business model on booking rooms with a double bed, en suite bathroom, a chair and, if you are lucky, a table. Oh, and they will definitely have a bar fridge, with every item scrupulously catalogued and charged to you, at high convenience rates, which will balloon your hotel expense.

When you chose a luxury Bali villa for your paradise holiday, you get heaps of space. Usually four, or more, bedrooms with their own en-suite, ample living space, including two living areas, plus even private patios for each room in some case. Oh, and then there’s the private swimming pools that are almost standard for private Bali villas. Most have the swimming pool just a few steps away from their main living area. If you’ve even booked a hotel room right next to the pool, you’ll know how much extra they will usually charge you for this. And, it can be a mixed blessing, because at hotels, everyone can use the pool, which can mean unwanted company, noise, crowds, screaming, splashing – you get the picture.

Of course, if you book a deluxe Bali villa you have your own private swimming pool, accessible only to people who have rented the villa, unless they want to invite special guests to join them. And, if you are into friendly, personalized service, you can’t beat what Bali villas have to offer. The Balinese people are among the friendliest, warm, sincere and lovely group of people you are ever likely to meet. Just check the guest testimonials on the many villa sites and you will see many glowing references to the top quality service that Bali villa helpers offer to their guests. Often, guests comment on the friendly relationships they develop with their luxury Bali villa helpers, way beyond any service experience that hotels can offer.

Of course, hotels have their staff too, usually busy with dealing with many guests at a time, but most sophisticated Bali villas have their own villa manager, who is fluent in English and bahasa Indonesia, plus likely in other languages too. The villa manager is employed to make sure that whatever issue arises for you on your holiday, they will promptly deal with it. If you commit to a luxury holiday in a private villa in Bali, you can expect to become on first name terms with your villa manager and with the other helpers in the villa. It’s now unusual for some villas to have up to four or five helpers, so you can expect to receive a standard of service that is way beyond what many hotels can offer.

Having local Bali people employed as villa helpers ensures that guests receive all the very latest and knowledgeable information about local attractions and must see locations. Often, the local Balinese helpers and the villa manager will know of great places to visit that are not even listed in the popular tourist manuals. After all, they live there and know their own backyard.

Many Bali villas are built by their owners to be a home-away-from-home, so they put their heart and soul into the design to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. The decor and atmosphere of many villas is therefore diverse and varied, reflecting the local Balinese culture and that of the owners of the villa. Unfortunately, many hotels, particularly the multi-national ones, are built with profit in mind and can look the same, whatever country they occupy.

If you are an eco-tourist, then the obvious choice for you is to stay in a well appointed Bali villa because many of them are built in particularly beautiful and environmentally appealing locations. To build any villa requires the permission of the local village and they generally welcome the employment opportunities that well-appointed Bali villas offer.

So, you have the choice of thousands of well-appointed and cleverly located Bali villas, in which to stay for a really authentic Bali experience. No matter how well hotels are marketed, they simply cannot offer the same cultural integration and atmosphere of a large holiday house.

The actual choice you have is between one hotel room, or a whole Bali house and the many advantages this offers. If you haven’t yet enjoyed the Bali villa experience, do yourself a favour and take up this opportunity the next time you holiday on the Island of the Gods. Ask anyone who has stayed in a luxury Bali villa and you will discover why they enjoyed it so much.

So what makes a luxury private Bali villa the best option? The first thing is the fact that this type of accommodation is absolutely private. Just like at your own home, you only share the space of the villa with people who travel with you such as your partner, family members or close friends. So you can imagine that you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sacred Mount Agung privately with your loved ones. Of course there are some Balinese staff members of the villa such as the maids, chefs or security guards but they usually have their own space separated from the main building of the villa so that your privacy can be highly maintained.

The second thing is the architecture of most luxury private Bali villas. Most of them resemble house architecture although the style can be various such as minimalist style, Javanese Joglo style and vintage colonial style. The architecture will also generate the feeling that you are at home instead of a hotel room. This kind of feeling will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. After a long day of exploring Bali, you come back to the villa and the security guard opens the gate for you. Imagine you open the front door and walk across the living room as if you really were at your own home.

Other comforts that a luxury private villa in Bali has to offer are the amenities such as the living and dining space, private bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and gardens with a swimming pool. You can lounge cozily in the living space with your friends or family members, while watching TV or even having a karaoke. You can even be a host in Bali by inviting your friends to have dinner or a barbecue party at the villa. Although most of the villas provide a chef, you are always free to use the kitchen if you feel like you want to prepare the meal by yourself just like what you usually do at home.

The bedrooms at most of luxury private Bali villas are also designed to provide you with the maximum comfort. You do not need to hang the ‘no disturb’ sign because no one will disturb you. The bedrooms are also thoughtfully furnished to make you feel at home; spacious bed, clean and crisp linen, soft pillows and an en-suite bathroom are among the standard facilities of a bedroom at a luxury private villa Bali.


Spain is a leading tourist destination in Europe. With natural and manmade attractions scattered across the country, you can choose any part of Spain for your vacation. To indulge in the luxuries of a pleasurable vacation in one of the most beautiful countries of the world, numerous travelers prefer renting the luxury Spanish villas.

The holiday villas of Spain are as attractive as the scenic surrounding of Spanish countryside. Situated in calm locations, they are the ideal hideaway from the busy cities and crowded tourist areas. Luxury holiday villas with pools can be rented in almost every major travel destination of Spain.

Features of Luxury Holiday Villa with Pool

Upscale holiday homes with private pools can be found near the large cities and around the popular resorts. Villas with unheated pools are scattered across the country. If you are willing to pay higher rentals, you may choose one of the lavish holiday villas with heated pools. The finest Spanish villas feature multiple pools including separate swimming area for kids. Outdoor Jacuzzi is present in a number of upscale villas. The fabulous pools of the villas are usually located in a beautiful garden. The landscape gardens of the plush villas are great relaxation sites. Outdoor picnic and barbecue areas keep guests engaged in the scenic outdoor area of the villa. The impeccably furnished interior adds to the comforts of a luxurious holiday.

Locations of Luxury Villa with Pool

Balearic Islands

There are numerous holiday villas with pools in Mallorca, the largest island of the Balearic archipelago. Close to the unspoiled beaches in the calm surrounding of Menorca, there are several beautiful villas. Luxury villas are available at a short distance from the popular nightclubs of Ibiza.

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is home to numerous luxury holiday villas. With fantastic pools and gardens, the villas are perfect for peaceful vacations. Villas are available close to the cosmopolitan area and in the countryside surrounded by orchards and vineyards. The beach villas on the scenic coasts are popular luxury retreats. Villa rentals are easily available in and around Alicante, Javea, Benidorm, Elche, Santa Pola, Guadalest and other towns and coastal villages of Costa Blanca.

Costa Brava

With abundant sunshine, the coastal resorts of Costa Brava are year round travel destinations. With luxury villas with pools dotting the coastline from Blanes to the French border, appropriate luxury properties are easily available in the region. For a luxurious vacation, head to Tossa de Mar, L’Estartit, Begur, Roses or Pals.